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Dinglefest 2019

Dinglefest 2019 was a private festival to celebrate a combined family birthday and was held at the client’s  property in Kent.

An initial assessment was carried out over the phone and a site visit was undertaken in January 2019, with a further visit in April, prior to the festival at the end of June.

The site was split over three individual areas – the main festival arena with ARC stage in an enclosed field, a DJ gazebo stage in a wooded area and an acoustic gazebo stage at the top of the wooded area.

A ‘glamping’ area was in a neighbouring field to the main festival arena.


The festival itself was over two days and was attended by around 300 guests. All areas of our business was involved with our own event production division, Bandshop Sound & Light, providing the equipment and crew.

The build took two days and involved six crew.

The festival was themed by the client, who has worked as an event professional previously.

Dinglefest Festival 2019

The Main Stage…

We supplied a 6m x 4m ARC stage with wings, set at a starting height of 80cm. Due to the sloping nature of the site, we utilised truss spacers for the roof structure and adjustable legs in various sizes to achieve a level stage. The stage featured a drum riser set at 20cm high.

The stage structure was anchored to the ground using 1m ‘spirafix’ stakes and 1T ratchet straps.

The stage wings were used to theme the festival with acoustic scrim banners, which also concealed the main PA loudspeakers from view to maintain a pleasing ‘clean’ overall view of the stage.

A 3m x 3m heavy duty gazebo with staging was utilised for the control position and a 4.5m x 3m gazebo was supplied behind the stage for a green room.

The Stages in the Woods…

We supplied two stages in the wooded area, both 4.5m x 3m with heavy duty gazebo covers. They were both 40cm high. Both stages required levelling utilising adjustable legs and were anchored using clamps and ratchet straps.

The DJ stage featured a tri truss structure supported by heavy duty lifters to accommodate the lighting fixtures.

Festoon lit the pathways in the woods which linked all the festival performance areas.

Sound Systems…

On the main stage, for the size of venue and the diversity of acts, we specified our Turbosound Siena system with a Midas mixing console.

The monitoring system was Turbosound Flashline.

This system was run digitally to preserve sound quality and provided more than enough headroom to deliver high sound levels if required.

Sound crew managed band set ups and performance.

A Fohhn Xperience system was provided for the DJ stage, a system capable of exceptional sound quality and high sound levels with a compact footprint.  A Turbosound NuQ monitoring system was also installed.

For the acoustic stage, we supplied a small Mackie SRM PA system with a Soundcraft EFX8 mixing console. This was a self operated system, but a technician was at hand to give guidance as needed.

Backline & DJ Equipment…

For the main stage, we supplied Marshall DSL40CR and Peavey Classic 50 guitar amplifiers, an SWR Super Redhead bass amplifier and a Yamaha Stage Custom drum kit.

Pioneer CDJ2000-NXS decks and DJM900-NXS DJ mixer, along with Technics SL1200mk5 turntables were provided for the DJ stage. 

A duplicate DJ equipment set up was provided for the bar area.

Gazebo stage
Bandshop Sound & Light Crew
DJ Stage
DJ Equipment
Festival Backline

Stage Lighting & Effects…

The lighting for the main stage consisted of a mixture of fixed LED MEGA pars, moving head spots & washes, sweepers and haze. This was controlled by Obsidian Onyx lighting software and touch controllers.

The lighting for the DJ stage consisted of moving heads, twisting effects lights, sweepers, starburst glitter ball effect and a show laser. A Martin Magnum smoke machine was also utilised. All was controlled by Obsidian Onyx control software.

Power and Distribution…

We supplied two 40kva  generators for the festival site.

The first generator supplied the main stage and the two stages in the wooded area.

The second generator supplied the main arena bars and food concessions, as well as the toilet block in an adjacent field near the glamping area.

 Each generator had 3 phase distribution, which was then split via 32A to 16A distros. All distribution cables were run around the perimeter of the site.

Any cabling running across public areas (such as the cables to the front of house control position) were protected by heavy duty cable ramp.

Site Ambient Lighting…

A tower light lit the toilet area. On the first day, the tower light broke down, so we arranged to have a replacement delivered to the site and installed ready for the second day.

We supplied several hundred metres of festoon to provide ambient lighting throughout all areas of the site.

We also supplied 24 battery uplighters to enhance features of interest around the site.

A small laser was projected onto the walls of a tunnel created to link the main arena to the woods

Generator Hire
Festoon Lighting
Bandshop Sound & Light
Festival Site Access


The festival site posed some significant challenges. The main festival arena was situated in a remote sloping field with a single access point at the top. The ground was soft, making the access with heavy vehicles difficult. We therefore utilised our 4×4 truck and a quad bike with trailer to get the equipment onto the site.

The adjacent wooded areas where the DJ and acoustic stages were situated could not be accessed by the 4×4 so we utilised a combination of the quad bike and crew to get the staging and equipment on site.

We allowed an extra day to overcome these challenges.


Festival letters

Summary of services


Stages - ARC 6m x 4m, 2 x gazebo stages 4.5m x 3m


Control gazebo staging


Turbosound Siena PA with Midas console (main stage)


Fohhn Xperience sound system (DJ stage)


Mackie PA (acoustic stage)


Backline amplifiers & drum kit


Lighting production (main stage & DJ stage)


Generators & power distribution


Festoon lighting & tower light


Rigging, management & technical crew

What our client said…

Thank you for all your hard work in making Dinglefest such a success. Your professionalism and dedication turned our vision into reality. Please extend our thanks to your amazing crew!